Amy Gerreyn

Amy Gerreyn, Remedial Massage Therapist


Amy Gerreyn has completed a Diploma of Remedial Massage and aside from working with us at Lotus has also worked with various sporting teams for the first 6 months after graduating.


Amy has also worked as a Calisthenics Coach for many years coaching children from 2-7years old.  She believes that correcting posture, improving agility and flexibility from a young age encourages children to look at their health in their future years.


Amy enjoys the hands-on side that Remedial Massage offers between her and the client as well as the rapport that develops between client and practitioner. She offers massage for sore, tight and aching muscles as well as relaxation massage to unwind or relive stress & tension from everyday life.


She has a special interest in constantly learning about the human body and how it works as a whole, so much so that Amy is enrolled to study Chiropractic this year at RMIT.

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